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Product Review: Ad Hoc Chocolate Layer Cake Mix

I went to the outlet mall recently and stopped by the greatest store: Williams Sonoma. Found this cake mix on the back clearance shelf for $2.61. Originally the mix should have cost $14.95 - but it was about to expire so I was in luck.

I usually buy Betty Crocker cake mix and it's good. I wondered how good a $15 cake mix could be. The answer: pretty darn good.

It was harder to prepare than a normal cake mix . You add the eggs, vegetable oil, milk and then at the end you add boiling water. It was still easier than making it from scratch, but boiling water? I'm too lazy for that.

The prep and the price were well worth it. I'd definitely see if I could get this on sale again. Not sure if I'd pay retail for it, but still reallllllly good.


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