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Product Review: Give a Sh!t Compostable Poop Bags

My friend just discovered these bags and gave me a roll to try out. Who doesn't love to try before you buy? So far I really like them. Some points about them:

1. They're compostable!

2. They're super soft, so you can open them even if you are wearing gloves.

3. They are larger than the other poop bags I have used.

4. They tear apart at the dotted line easily and don't tear the bag.

5. Husband fully expected this cornstarch bag to disintegrate when it touched snow, or to tear when it got a stick in it. It did not. It held together like a "regular bag."

From the Amazon description:

A Solution to Microplastics The ocean contains a combined minimum 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing over 269,000 tons. These microplastics are created through the partial breakdown of plastic pollutants in the environment. Give A Sh!t bags are 100% plant-based and biodegradable – so that we can stop inedible plastics from entering the marine food chain.

Compostable & Biodegradable Plant Materials Cornstarch - BPAT (biodegradable & compostable polymer) - Edible glycerin

Durable Tear-Free Construction A strong yet stretchy 18-micron thick design lets you handle doodoo duty for even the largest dog breeds.

10% Profit Charity Partnership In partnership with the Soi Dog Foundation, whose mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals and to ultimately end animal cruelty.

Buy here: I haven't received any sort of compensation for this review.


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