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Product Review: Furminator

I've talked about my dogs before: they're a mess. They shed a lot during this time of year. I'm okay with it, because I actually like brushing them. It's a good chance to get down on the floor with them and have some cuddles. I like to have a sense of accomplishment, and this brush, the Furminator, helps me get that feeling.

Max, he doesn't really shed much (have I mentioned that he is my favorite?) ... But Kara, she is a whole different story. Let me just say about this photo: I brushed her last week - 7 days before. Out of control.

I purchased a look-alike brush at Walmart when we first got our dogs. It didn't work at all. Only the Furminator will get these results. No, I'm not being paid by a company to tell you this, I just really like the product and want everyone to know it's out there.

It's just a regular dog brush. Easy to use. Comfortable handle. Takes out the dog hair. It's doesn't hurt or bother them. The ads are accurate, it really does take off that much hair from an animal. Some of them have a hair release button or comb. To make things easier, I just wipe the hair off on my carpet. I mean, I have to vacuum every 30 seconds anyway, so why not? Plus, then, I don't have to touch it.

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