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Product Review: Jamberry and Sally Hanson nail polish


I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing my nails, so when I actually do them, I want them to last for quite some time. That's why I love Jamberrys and this Sally Hanson nail polish. They work really well together.

In the above photo, I am using red and blue polish topped with clear polka dot and chevron Jamberrys. The only reason I took off my polish is because the 4th of July was over.


Typically I like to put a Jamberry only on my big toes and paint the rest. I have had the best luck with this process. Jamberrys can be tricky to put on, so that's why I don't put them on my little toes, typically. If you put them on correctly, they will last for quite some time. Even longer if you aren't crazy and don't pick incessantly at your fingernails. I have had them last for 5 weeks on my toes. They come in a whole lot of styles, patterns and colors. Glitter, matte, glossy. They have options for whatever season it may be.


It looks like maybe I have purchased all of the available colors the brand offers. The polish goes on easily and may require two coats, but it stays put for quite some time. Plus they have trendy colors and glitter polishes.

That's my 2 cents.

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