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Pinwheel Centerpieces

My friends Mandy and Gerald got married today. Mandy decided to go with a pinwheel theme for the wedding and reception. Each table had a color - pink, blue, green, yellow, orange. They worked out great.

Some pinwheels were created from scrapbook paper (then glued to wooden dowels), others were purchased. Mandy found the buckets at Hobby Lobby - along with most of the pinwheels. We put gardening foam (cut with breadknife) into each bucket to take up space and hold things steady. I placed the pinwheels at varying heights (cutting straws and dowels with pruning sheers as needed) and then filled the buckets with beads. Mandy went with beads, because she knew she could reuse them as part of a girl Scout project, but by the end of the night, there were only 3 of the 12 buckets remaining.

These were a great "flower arrangement" because we were able to prepare them well in advance of the wedding. They also stored in a garage during that time without damage. Plus they were super cute.

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