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Pinwheel Bouquet

My friends Mandy and Gerald tied the knot today. Because the wedding was at White Sands National Monument, there were restriction on flowers that could be brought in (zero, zip, zilch!). So Mandy found this great idea online and we recreated it.

Fellow crafter, Jen, and I folded tiny pinwheels and adhered them to a Stryofoam ball. Then we cut and folded the pinwheels, held the middles in place with a long pin with a white head. Because you could see through a little bit, I tore off pieces of paper and put them under the Stryofoam. I used hot glue and the whole thing seemed to stay together pretty well.

I wasn't sure what to do for the stem. I found some bamboo pieces in my garage. Cut them to a reasonable length and wrapped them with ribbon (also secured with hot glue.) The hot glue was a little ugly, because I used transparent ribbon, so I tied a bow in the middle.

She says it received the most compliments! I was really pleased with how it turned out.

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