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DIY Raised Garden Bed

I was inspired to grow vegetables recently and decided to make my own garden. There are some nice raised beds online, but they cost around $200, and that doesn't include any sprinklers, dirt or plants. So even though this was $190, I still think I got a good deal by doing it myself.

I have two dogs and so many plants are poisonous to them, so I wanted to make sure they didn't eat anything - plus I wanted to eat my strawberries myself. And so, this super-high garden became a piece in my backyard. It took about a day to make. I constructed it in about 90 minutes, but painting, stapling, filling, etc. took a bit more time. If you don’t live in New Mexico, you’ll have to wait for a while for the paint to dry, too.

Materials/price breakdown:


10 16" stepping stones @ $4.27 each = $42.70


3'x50' 4mil clear poly sheeting dropcloth = $12.98

2 Behr semitransparent wood stain @ $3.68 each = $7.36

Exterior paint = $free (thanks, mom!)

2" screws = $8.74

2 4"x4"-8' doug fir @$9.78 each = $19.56

2 1"x2"-8' @ $1.28 each = $2.56

4 1"x8"-8' common board @ $10.52 each = $42.08

2x4 piece of plywood = $free (in the stash)

4 2”x2”-3.5’ = $free (thanks, neighbors!)

Netting = $free (thanks, neighbors!)

Fishing weights = $4


8 cubic feet soil @ $6.88/2 = $27.52

5 plants on sale @ $2 each = $10


tubing hole punch $1.49

1/4" drip tubing x 50' = $4.27

10 drippers = $4.96



Staple gun



Circular saw



Paint brush


Total cost: $188.22

Instructions with the photos.

Update 7/25/18

I ended up changing out the bottom after a few years, when the base started to rot. I got my kiddie (ok, dog) swimming pool and transferred all of my plants while I took out the lining and replaced with stronger plywood. I relined with stronger tarp and made the holes in the bottom larger to allow for drainage. I probably only needed 2 or 3 sprinklers in the raised bed, but in a dry climate I wanted to over estimate. Tomatoes love the raised bed, as well as strawberries, basil and rhubarb. Obviously my carrots didn't get too long because there was nowhere for them to go, but my green onions thrived.

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