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Faces: They're Everywhere!

I collect photos of faces found in inanimate objects. It's a weird hobby, but I find them everywhere and am compelled to photograph them and share them with my (limited) facebook audience. I recently added my 500th photo. I take most of them, but some of my awesome friends send them to me - which is really cool.

People send me articles on pareidolia. I read them and wonder: Is this a problem? Is there a cure?! Just kidding. I just take more photos. Though, I am waiting for the article that says, "People who see faces in inanimate objects are super bad ass and way cooler than everyone else." So far, I haven't come across that study. Let me know if you find it.

I looked it up today and there's a blog, a tumblr #, a flickr group, a book, facebook page and, of course, twitter. And that's just as far as I got before I got bored.

I have a friend who collects photos of hearts in inanimate objects - much like Drew Barrymore. I hope to print a book someday of my most awesome photos.

Update: I created an Instagram page just for my faces @askme.again

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