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Burlap Wreath

My mother-in-law found some teal/slate blue (my favorite) burlap ribbon on sale at Walmart and bought it for me. I hadn't made anything with burlap before, so I got online and tried to find some tips. I found several blogs that suggested getting a wire wreath frame and to weave the burlap in and out. I tried it. It was awful. Total Pinterest fail. So, finally, I found a wreath that took squares of burlap and pinned them to a styrofoam base. Super easy (my 10-year-old friend helped me), fast (45 minutes), beautiful (see photo). After I started creating these, I realized that adding hot glue was a really good idea. So now I dot a bit down, then quickly pin the piece in place. Please excuse the photos changing color. I made several and took photos at different times.


  • 20 yards of burlap ribbon ($20, easier to find coordinating patterns, makes less of a mess - often on sale) or 2 yards of burlap fabric ($8, frays a lot, makes a big mess)

  • Pins with ball heads (so many pins, about 150, $6)

  • 12 to 15 inch styrofoam wreath (wreath turns out 4 inches wider than the styrofoam base, $3 to $7) (Rounded is better than square

  • Ribbon (free if you have a large ribbon collection, like I do)

  • Hot glue + hot glue gun

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