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Jewelry Board

I have a decent amount of jewelry, but never wore it. So I decided to make a jewelry board so it could be on display and within reach. It has helped me to make sure each piece gets use. All it took was a staple gun and 2 hours. ... plus all the supplies listed below. You can make it any size you want, this is one example


  • 1/2 inch plywood (20x30) - Have them cut it at the store. They usually do for free

  • fabric (26x36) - add a few inches to the side and top to your plywood measurement. I chose something transitional. An upholstery fabric is a good choice.

  • warm and natural batting (24x34) - trust me, this is the best batting and will stand up to a staple gun

  • grosgrain ribbon

  • staple gun + a bunch of staples

  • iron + ironing board

  • pliers

  • hooks for jewelry (this one uses 50)

  • hooks for the back

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