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Potato salad

I recently made potato salad and realized that it is a recipe that carries tradition. There are so many ways to make it delicious (mustard!) and weird (I won't use examples here because I don't want to devalue anyone else's traditions.)

Potatoes: firm, medium, soft, mushy

Eggs: yay or nay

Creamy: sour cream, mayo or miracle whip, mustard, something else, oil, vinegar

Spices: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic

Other veggies: onion, garlic, green onion, celery

Pickles: relish, pickles, pickle juice

I'm a soft-potato (thanks to a former coworker) lots of egg, mustard, avocado oil mayo, salt, pepper, paprika, pickle juice kind of gal. My brother is a fun, experimental cook and when we were growing up, he taught me to put pickle juice in our tuna fish sandwiches. I love the little things we pick up from others that help us be who we are.

I like to mix the egg yolks in with the mustard/mayo mixture, like I learned you do with deviled eggs. I use pyrex bowls we received as a wedding gift from an aunt that mimic my grandma's and my step mom's bowls.

Meanwhile I have a friend who uses fruit cocktail syrup and apples in their family recipe. I would love to hear what you enjoy in yours!


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