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Artist/instructor Rachel Courtney moved to Wenatchee from Las Cruces, NM, in September 2018 and immediately became immersed in the local art scene. She has been hosting classes for a variety of arts and crafts around the valley including one of her favorite techniques, alcohol ink paintings. “I had been involved in several art groups exploring a variety of art media which introduced me to alcohol ink. I fell in love with its beauty and wanted to share it with everyone. Alcohol ink is typically an art that requires a bit of investment to get started. Colors come in packs of 3 (for $12!) and a wide variety of colors can be more expensive than many beginners may be willing to spend. My thought was to share the colors I had with some friends and family and show them the fun you can have creating abstract art. Since I began, I’ve taught 192 people from as young as 4 years old.”

How did you get started? My first class in Wenatchee was in June 2019. I really missed sharing art with others, so I visited with my friend Kmbris Bond who knew someone with some space - Chad Yenney at Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery.

Are there any that have been more popular than others? Kmbris Bond and I teach basket weaving and it is sold out almost every time. Many people have access to pine needles and want to use that resource. Some go camping or hunting and are interested in ways to pass the time. Alcohol ink is always a win and rock painting fills up more than you would guess.

What is something unexpected that you teach? Especially with longer classes I stress the need to get up, stretch by standing up straight, and extending the arms. I encourage students to look at other’s work and to look at something far away to reset their eyes. We have to take care of our bodies.

Where do you teach? We started at Collapse, then we recently added a second venue - Hard Hat Winery. They approached us because they enjoy hosting this type of thing. We also do home-based classes for private groups.

How do you pick what’s coming next? Great question. Based on numbers from previous classes and whatever ideas we dream up. Sometimes our host will suggest something (like wine-bottle macrame) and sometimes students make suggestions. Sometimes when we think outside of the box people don’t show up. But sometimes it works. You just never know. So many artists struggle with organization and things like making a class happen with registration, taking payment, promotion and venue relations. I am happy to offer that service to other artists and would love to see different classes popping up. Email me at pretty.nice.creations@gmail. com or visit event to register for classes.

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