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S'mores Brownies

I love s'mores. There's nothing better. I present to you: S'mores brownies.

16 graham crackers

2 tablespoons melted butter

1 package brownie mix, prepared

16 marshmallows

1 Hershey Chocolate Bar

Pulse together the graham crackers in a blender. Add melted butter. Press into 8x8 brownie pan. Pour brownie batter into pan. If you are using a brownie pan with dividers, add the divider and make sure to press through the crust. Bake as directed on the brownie mix.

Remove from the oven. Place one chocolate square per brownie on top of each piece, add marshmallow. If you place it flat side down (as pictured) it's less likely to roll. Toss it in the oven for another minute or two. If you want a golden brown marshmallow, place under the broiler for a minute or so. Check it frequently for desired brownness. Let cool, remove from pan. Enjoy!

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