I was visiting with a friend one day and she gave me a geode. It wasn't a birthday present or anything, just part of a discussion - "Have you ever cracked open a geode?" My answer was no, and so began my attempt to open this rock with a hammer and chisel and by throwin...


My friends Mandy and Gerald got married today. Mandy decided to go with a pinwheel theme for the wedding and reception. Each table had a color - pink, blue, green, yellow, orange. They worked out great.


Some pinwheels were created from scrapbook paper (then glued to wo...


My friends Mandy and Gerald tied the knot today. Because the wedding was at White Sands National Monument, there were restriction on flowers that could be brought in (zero, zip, zilch!). So Mandy found this great idea online and we recreated it.


Fellow crafter, Jen, an...


This weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower with someone I had met once, who lived 3 hours away. It went surprisingly well. Jennifer, my co-host, came up with so many ideas and implemented them really well. She did most of the work, but let's not dwell on that.


Creating your own galvanized tub garden/planter is really quick and simple. I created these on a smaller scale, a great planter for your patio, but you could get a large trough which make great raised garden beds for your backyard.

Like most projects, it's easiest to do...


I was inspired to grow vegetables recently and decided to make my own garden. There are some nice raised beds online, but they cost around $200, and that doesn't include any sprinklers, dirt or plants. So even though this was $190, I still think I got a good deal by do...


Making a duck tape ID holder is super easy. These aren't anything grand, they're just a simple card holder. Personally, I'd make several of them at a time. Get out all of your colors of duck tape and have a party. Takes longer to take out all of the materials than to a...


Making a duck tape purse is super easy. I haven't created a purse with pockets or anything, but that would be a simple addition. I used my purse for 30 days straight before the strap fell off. It held up really well. Much like the ID holders, I'd make several of them a...


Rabbit eared fleece is another easy Project Linus blanket. It takes 1-2 hours to make, and is really simple. Cut it and have a kid complete the final step, if you want an easy project for someone under the age of 10.


1 yard fleece square

Cutting mat

Rotary cutte...


My friend Beth came over today for craft day and I finally asked her for her makeup brush cleaner recipe. In theory you are supposed to wash your makeup brushes every week. Beth actually does. It's really easy and keeps your brush and therefore your face very clean.

1 t...

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