I made some delicious soup the other day and needed some biscuits to go along with them. I love recipes that only have 4 ingredients and this one happened to finish off each of the 4 ingredients I had. Strange, special timing. This recipe was found on the 7UP website a...


I was visiting with a friend one day and she gave me a geode. It wasn't a birthday present or anything, just part of a discussion - "Have you ever cracked open a geode?" My answer was no, and so began my attempt to open this rock with a hammer and chisel and by throwin...

My dogs are adorable, but for some reason they decided to chew on all 4 sides of my coffee table. I've always liked the idea of an ottoman coffee table, so I decided to make one myself. Most materials I got on sale, so my total project cost was $42. All it took was a s...


I offered to bring this recipe for Thanksgiving once and now we have it every year. It is a requirement. A very good way to enjoy your sweet potatoes. It's practically a dessert. I like that you can put more apples or pears depending on how you like it. It's a flexible...

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